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Signs Of Life

Columns by Pamela Majteles

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Sweet Tweet

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Posted by pam on January 14, 2011 at 10:40 pm

Originally published October 2, 2009

Reprinted with permission from Bay Area News Group – East Bay

More than once, I’ve declared that Twitter is not for me. But I’m eating my words, since I started following Cupkates, a cupcake truck, on Twitter.

Until now, my experiment in using Twitter, the social networking service, has been a big bust. I have no interest in following Ashton Kutcher, Governor Schwarzenegger or an actual cat named Monty, so I can receive their latest tweets which tell me what they’re doing or thinking.

But when I heard about Cupkates, suddenly, I was interested. In my opinion, there are few words as sweet as “I’ve got cupcakes”. That’s the message Cupkates sends me, along with the different kinds of cupcakes available. With names like Red Velvet, S’mores and The Twinkie, it’s one sweet tweet.

Most importantly, Cupkates gives me its current location, where the truck is parked, in Oakland or Berkeley. It changes daily, often a couple of times, as the truck drives around. Like a game of cat and mouse, I wait to hear the latest location, to determine if I can pounce.

“Parked on 4th Street in Berkeley,” tweets Cupkates.

Too far away, I tell myself. I’ve learned to set boundaries, to avoid frivolous fuel consumption. When it’s out of range, I just sit tight, hoping the next stop will be closer. But it’s not easy waiting, as I imagine the Red Velvet with its crimson cake, moist like a dewy red rose, and its swirl of cream cheese frosting on top that resembles a cloud. Just one bite, I float away.

Then, another tweet comes, “At UC Berkeley, parked at Telegraph and Bancroft.”

So near but so far. I find myself getting restless, dreaming about the S’mores’ gooey chocolate cake and graham cracker bottom. As I envision the toasted marshmallow frosting, golden as an angel’s harp, I try to think of ways to justify a longer drive. Surely I must have errands to do nearby. Isn’t my Cal sweatshirt getting a little frayed around the collar – doesn’t it makes perfect sense to pick one up on campus?

I still can’t convince myself, so I keep trying. Maybe I can corral all my friends. Once I describe The Twinkie, with vanilla cake that’s as silky as the train of a wedding gown, I’m sure I’ll attract quite a crowd. Then I can take everyone together in my car. A cupcake carpool.

But the next message from Cupkates really takes the air out of my tires. “Only 20 left,” they tweet. From past experience, I know that means they’ll sell out soon, and there won’t be another stop that day. Suddenly, my sweet dreams have turned sour.

As I’m wrestling with the disappointment, the telephone rings. It’s a friend calling to invite me to go with her to San Francisco the next day. She has an appointment, and afterwards, she plans to track down the guy who roves the city selling crème brulee from his pushcart. Do I want to come?

Crème brulee, you say? I can’t wait.

Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 License.

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